“Jan/Mike: You both have enabled us to kick it up a notch, and our new look is a direct expression both of your professionalism, talent, and desire to provide us with a store we can all be proud of.   Thanks.  I just stood outside the store, and Marveled at your creation.”

-Jerry commenting on the first re-imagined store in Medford, Oregon

Jerry Friedson, Former Vice-president, Harry Ritchie’s Jewelers

“I call Mike when I have a speculative project or want help fleshing out a conceptual design.  He can take rough sketches, notations, and verbal direction, and create engaging drawings.  Planning department staff and public reviewers appreciate the quality of his work, knowing it will deliver the intended message.  When people are on board, it becomes easier to get approval and move the project forward – with minimal effort and time invested.  Having visual representation of ideas is also helpful in generating discussion and delving further into design.  In the end clients and stakeholders come away from the meetings feeling inspired and excited after seeing Mike’s work.”

 – On concept development and collaboration

Daniel Hoy, Architect, AIA

“It was time to bring our 60’s era restaurant and lounge into the 21st century.  Mike gave us a master plan, for both inside and out.  He is an excellent resource for innovative and creative ideas and materials, that will not only update our image, but incorporate nostalgia to enhance the original design.”

 – On the design package for Darrell’s Restaurant and Amber Room

Patrick Hubler, President, Hubler Restaurant Inc.