A New Restaurant Venture

In this industry, it’s common for designers to work under written or verbal non-disclosure agreements while developing a retail design. Clients in competitive markets or working under strict corporate franchise rules tend to keep their plans under wraps until they’re ready for implementation, which makes it difficult for designers to show their work in progress.

The great thing about a brand new venture is the blank slate. With no backstory or established elements to build on, it’s up to us to build the brand and spread the word. Hopper Design is currently working with an independent restaurant start-up–meaning we can show off our stuff!

We’ve just started the discussion about graphic identity. The following sketches represent our first impressions and a well-received starting point for further design. The owners wanted their venue to reflect the strong local “steak and brew” culture of the Midwest.

Genoa beef logo sketches_042413_3

UPDATE:  This project may take awhile to reach fruition. Recent discussions center around their target demographic, menu offerings, and how to best fit into the community.  Getting all of this right from the start is important enough that it’s worth revisiting the original plans. Renovation on the building has just begun. Since the restaurant’s owners own the building, they have time and aren’t facing lease pressures.

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