Eugene Skate Park Realized

Well, almost. But yes, it’s really happening! After a decade of politicking and fundraising, Eugene will have its own world-class skate park. When complete, it will be the largest covered and lighted skate park in the country.

The park’s home, a historically underutilized and underappreciated location beneath the Washington and Jefferson Street overpass, used to host the annual Fiesta Latina Celebration. I still recall that event’s vibrancy, and I hope the park will activate the space again and bring economic benefits and lasting vitality to the community.

I’m honored to have the opportunity to help raise awareness and support for this project. Working with Rotary and Parks and Open Space of Eugene, we created illustrations that linked the skate park vision to other popular recreational spots around the city. The images were displayed in government buildings, skate shops, and even made a brief appearance on city buses to promote the project.  


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