Oregon Department of Energy, Salem, Oregon 

Project type:  Interior design concept/ tenant improvement   

Collaboration with Solarc Architecture 

With the slogan “Embracing the Change” and a transition to a new home, the Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) wanted to affirm their commitment to adopting green technology and supporting its future development.   

To visually convey their commitment to cleaner, more efficient energy, we utilized sustainable products and materials including bio-fiber panels, recycled composites, cardboard light shades, and eco-resin signage. We also created informational areas to educate visitors about ODOE’s sustainability programs. An awkwardly placed structural column gave us the opportunity make a “cleaner forms of energy” display that becomes an attractive focal point.

The frosted glass wall framing the reception desk functions as a key feature of the space, displaying ODOE branding and screening the public from employee workstations. More importantly, it reinforces their pledge to protect the environment and develop healthier energy alternatives by providing a visual link to nature in the outdoor courtyard. 


ODOE_sketch_optionEarly design sketch



Existing tenant space

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